Resident Care Specialist,CNAII

The Resident Care Specialist II (RCS II) is responsible for performing a variety of nonprofessional nursing duties in the care of patients and residents under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse. The RCS II operates within the scope of the Nurse Aide II certification as defined by the Board of Nursing.
Essential Functions
' Works directly under the supervision of the licensed nurse performing Board approved duties.
' Maintains a neat, orderly, efficient, and safe work area.
' Keeps nursing staff informed of changes in patients' and residents' status.
' Keeps Director of Nursing and/or Charge Nurse informed of any difficulties in performing duties.
' Assures patient and resident safety
' Observes patients' and residents' needs and reports to licensed nurse as indicated.
' Participates in the Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement process as indicated.
' Wound Care
o Performs sterile dressing changes for wounds over 48 hours old following principles of sterile technique.
o Performs clean dressing changes for wounds over 48 hours old.
o Performs wound irrigation.
' Nutrition Activities
o Administers gastrostomy feedings and/or oral/nasogastric infusions and flushes after placement verification by a licensed nurse.
o Adds enteral feeding solutions to existing infusions.
o Clamps feeding tubes.
o Removes oral/nasogastric feeding tubes, as ordered.
' Urinary Catheters
o Performs urinary catheterization.
' Elimination
o Performs care to a patient or resident with an established ostomy.
o Performs ostomy irrigations for elimination needs.
o Performs break-up and removal of fecal impaction.
' Intravenous Fluids
o Performs assistive activities for peripheral intravenous fluid administration including: assembling and flushing tubing during set up.
o Observes and monitors infusion flow rates.
o Peripheral I.V. care is limited to: site care, dressing change, and discontinuation of peripheral intravenous infusions.
' Tracheostomy Care
o Provides care of established tracheotomy.
' Suctioning
o Performs oropharyngeal and/or nasopharyngeal suctioning.
' Oxygen Administration
o Performs oxygen therapy set-up and monitors flow rates.
Job Requirements
Required Education and Experience
High School Diploma or equivalent, preferred
Successful completion of an approved Nurse Aide II training program.
Maintains current Nurse Aide II listing with the Nursing Board.
Current listing as a Nurse Aide I on the Division of Health Service Regulation-Nurse Aide I Registry with no substantiated findings of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of property and maintains current certification.
Ability to complete approved tasks for Certified Nurse Aide I (CNA I).
Additional Eligibility Qualifications
1. Maintain proficiency in company sponsored/required training.
2. Completion of education requirements on a timely basis.
3. Compliance with work rules, policies and procedures, as well as, state and federal law.
About this Organization
We focus on people. Our residents. Their lives. Their health. Their families. We are one of the largest providers of short-term and long-term health care services in the United States. Through our affiliated entities, services are provided through skilled nursing facilities in 21 states. The commitment is to provide compassionate, family oriented short-term and long-term care. Our affiliated entities focus on individualized care that respects the dignity and rights of the residents. The aim is to care for every resident the way we would care for our family members. We strive to provide residents with services designed to achieve quality care and quality of life. To reach these outcomes we subscribe to quality treatment with a combination of "caring and curing". Select facilities provide Intravenous Therapy Services, Respiratory Therapy Services, Dementia Services and all facilities provide Rehabilitation Services.
Equal Opportunity Employer
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